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Our Girls Build team held workshops in the months of March to May. In total, we have had 601 students attend.

We will maintain sustainability with our campaign by having a 6 part series on Meditational and Stress Relief that will include a How to View, and deal with life's stressors. We will offer our popular workshops next year, which includes Financial Literacy, Resume Workshop, Interview Workshop, Self Defense, and CPR. We will continue to have our annual Career Fair, which allows students to find local jobs and use their acquired skills to use. We are working on creating a Life Skills curriculum for the years to come. 

Financial Literacy

March 11 & April 8 


Session 1: 85

Session 2: 78

Seniors Mercy and Merha Mehzun talk about what they learned from the Financial Literacy workshop

We invited trained professionals from the Financial Literacy campaign to teach high school students the basics of finances, including credit score, savings, insurance, and retirement. Every student who attended got to take home their own copy of Saving for Your Future, which summarizes the presentation in easily understood language and chapters. 

Driving Safety

March 13​


Session 1: 56

Session 2: 37

Jason Jennings, an injury attorney, came to CCHS to teach students about Driving Safety. He covered steps to take when involved in an accident and gave words of advice to all of the new drivers learning to navigate LA!

Anaiya Brown tells Girls Build what she learned at the Driving Safety Workshop.

Meditation and Stress Relief

March 11 and April 13


Session 1: 25

Session 2: 26

Maya, a certified holistic nutrition and wellness coach, taught the group stress management techniques such as breathing and guided meditation as well as how to maintain balanced nutrition.

Senior Amalia Camey and Freshman Alba Navas talk about what they learned from the Meditation and Stress Relief Workshop

Resume Workshop

March 20

Attendees: 46

Vickie Fite, a professional employee recruiter, taught students how to construct a resume that displays their best selves. She also discussed the importance of having a Linked In account and how to stand out to employers. 

Junior, Yogi Sylvain talks about what he learned from the Resume Workshop and how the experience we will get from Culver is very essential in our resume. How involvement in clubs can help a person get a job.

Cooking 101 

March 26

Morning Session

9am - 12:30 pm

Attendees: 21

March 26

Afternoon Session 

1pm - 4:30 pm

Attendees: 27

Professional chef Brie Wakeland taught students how to cook a full chicken, how to make chicken pot pie, roasted vegetables, bread, homemade butter, jam, and lemon curd tart. The students had fun learning the different skills needed to create a meal, including knife skills and how to accurately measure ingredients. 

Seniors Randall Santiago and Sean Aldana talk about what they learned and the importance of learning how to cook, especially as graduating seniors.

Self Defense

April 17

Attendees: 21

Nelson Nio from SHIELD Self Defense came in to teach essential self-defense skills for women. We are aware, as a group of young women, of the statistics regarding sexual assault and sexual harassment for women of all ages, especially during college years. The goal of our workshop was to bring some level of security for high school girls, as well as to provide them with the opportunity to recognize their own strength and power. 

Freshmen Delina Melaku and Juniors Weena Yohannes and Gaby Garcia talk about how beneficial it was to learn Self Defense and what they will take from this experience. 


After conducting a survey with the participants, we received the following results

After taking the self defense workshop, would you have a better idea of what to do in those incidents? 

                       21 Yes       0 No

How helpful was the workshop?

0 - Not Helpful    0- A little helpful     1 - Helpful

           5 - Very Helpful   15 - Exceptional

What did you enjoy most about this workshop?

- Self Defense Techniques.    - The Demonstrations

- How we learned all different types of scenarios

- We practiced the techniques

- Very Interactive

Interview Skills 

April 22 

Attendees: 51

Vickie Fite informed students on what characteristics they should display during an interview and how to prepare for common questions employers ask potential candidates. 

Vickie Fite shares her tips on how to be ready for an interview

Francisco Garcia going through a mock interview


Junior Sakura Minamida, and Seniors Illiana Anaya, Jordan Paredes, Francisco Garcia, and Jorel Parrales, talk about what they learned from the Interview Skills Workshop

The Power of Body Language

April 29

Attendees: 45

At this workshop, students learned about how people can detect your emotions based on your body language and your tone of voice. Carol Zee, the CCHS dance director, helped students really understand and control their bodies, especially emphasizing the importance of a "power stance"

Girls Build member Sequoya Henry in her "power stance"

Senior Andres Abraham and Junior Kristian Miranda talk about what they took out of the workshop


We surveyed all participants of this workshop and compiled their responses. 


1) Would you say you are now better recognizing the different types of emotions in others?

 37 Yes            1 No


2) Do you think this workshop will help you feel more connected to those whom you communicate with because you are able to recognize the emotion in their body language?

37 Yes             1 No


3) How helpful was the Body Language Workshop

1 - A little helpful             8 - Helpful             17 - Very Helpful

     12 - Exceptional


4) What did you enjoy the most about this workshop?

-Showing our different emotions

- We are able to express ourselves

- Very interactive and comfortable

- Open Environment and Fun