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We're on a mission to prepare teens for adult life. 

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Meet Our Team

Team Adults in Training

Our team for the 2018 - 2019 Year!

Lylah Rodriguez

My name is Lylah Rodriguez and I am in 12th grade. I am Project Planner and one of the Co-President of Culver City’s Girls Build Team. My future career is to become an oncology nurse.

Claribel Alcantar

My name is  Claribel Alcantar and I am in 12th grade. I have been in this club for 2 years and I am Co-President and Project Planner of the Girls Build Team. I am captain of the Varsity Water Polo and Swim Team at the school and I'm in ASB as well. I enjoy spending my free time with my family and friends.

Sequoya Henry

My name is Sequoya Henry and I am in 12th grade. I am the Vice president of A.I.T. Puns are my specialty and I’m president of French Club and Girls Who Code.

TayLore Reliford

My name is Taylore Reliford, I am in 12th grade and I am co-publicist. In the school, I have been in cheer and track team for 4 years and I am a member of ASB.

Vanessa Garcia

My name is Vanessa Garcia and I’m in 12th grade. I’m the designated photographer and videographer of the team. I often travel to different countries, including France Italy, and the Galapagos Islands.

Jenifer Meraz

My name is Jenifer Meraz and I am in 12th grade. I am the secretary for Girls Build. I want to be a professional chef.

Andrea Olivera

My name is Andrea Olivera and I am in 12th grade. I have been apart of public relations for Girls Build for two years now. I am also President of Latinos Unidos and I.D.E.A.S.

Sumeya Abdulkarim

My name is Sumeya Abdulkarim and I am in 12th grade, also the treasurer of the Girs Build team. A fun fact about me is that my jaw is temporarily dislocated.

Evelyn Grijalva 

My name is Evelyn Grijalva and I’m in 12th grade. I’m a member of the design group this year. I have a leadership role in an organization called “Walk With Sally” which supports children suffering from cancer. I love to bake, I’m trilingual, and I’ve run cross country for four years.

Caitlin Weeth

My name is Caitlin Weeth and I am in 11th grade. Before moving to Culver City, I lived in Scotland and New Jersey. Now, I play water polo and work at an animal rescue. I help the CCHS Girls Build team as a member of their budgeting group.

Laura Cruz

My name is Laura D. Cruz and I’m in 12th grade. I’m on the budgeting team this year. I’m trilingual and I was in the Cadet program for five years.

Anna Lewicki

My name is Anna Lewicki, I’m in 12th grade, and I’m on the website team this year. My entire family lives in France. I love physics and I’ve been on the water polo team for four years.

Natalie Garcia

My name is Natalie Garcia, I’m in 11th grade, and I am apart of the ideas group for Girls Build. Some interesting facts about me is that I’ve played soccer for ten years; and that I’m learning Japanese and Korean.

Marisa Reiter

My name is Marisa Reiter and I am in 10th grade. I am a member of the website team. I am Co-Captain of the JV Cheerleading Team of Culver City High School.

Lesly Mason

My name is Lesly Cierra Cindy Mason and I’m an 11th grader. This is my third year in Girls Build and this year, I’m apart of the ideas group. I have a deer chihuahua and I skipped third grade.

Samantha Olvera

My name is Samantha Olvera and I’m in 11th grade. I am apart of the ideas group for the Girls Build team. A fun fact about me is that I am currently learning Japanese.

Lacey Burns

My name is Lacey Burns and I’m in 10th grade. I’m a part of the design team and I assisted in designing our logo. I'm currently learning two languages: Korean and French, and I hope to be trilingual one day. 

Annie Melnick

My name is Annie Melnick and I am in 11th grade. This is my first year on the Girls Build Team and I am on the website team. I am also a member of AVPA Theatre, Yearbook, and Vice President of the Feminism Club.

Jalisa Jaramillo

Hello my name is Jalisa Jaramillo, I am in 10th grade and a member of the design team. I joined this club to better my communication, leadership skills with others, and express my creativity with like minded people. During my freetime I love to craft and plan, play lacrosse, soccer, and cheer.

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